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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2012 10:48am-11:18am PST

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hopefully, with all the companies that are still talking to us about what we can do to help them. as we do, they are hiring left and right. it is exciting for me to join today with jerry, let him explain what it is they do, in a very detailed way. again, it is the team, what the city does to make sure we stay as the innovation capital of the world. thank you very much for allowing me to announce this. we will have a chance to visit their bed soon. i think, -- river bed soon. i think, once they get their release started, they will move in in 2014, and then that goes until 2024. i hope to see them continue to grow. we will be down there cheering them on, understanding more about the involvement of their products.
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>> riverbed started in 2002 and it is exceedingly gratifying from where i stand to see a company of its size and stature in the technology world, make a decision to remain in san francisco and to grow its global headquarters here. with that, i want to introduce the ceo of your bed. >> thank you. it is exciting for us -- we just announced this internally to our employees on friday. we sent around a photograph of the new building. when you work in technology in the bay area, you realize every day it is a war for talent. we are fighting to get the best and brightest. it is all about and look for property, and that comes from the minds of the people we attract. we found san francisco is a key location for attracting that power. my business partner and i started the company 10 years
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ago. we will be passing 1700 employees worldwide, over 500 in the city. that number will grow and grow. starting on our second decade in the city and hopefully for a long time to come. we are a little unusual for technology companies in the city. many of them are web-based companies. we are a deep, in the strongest drink network technology company. we make heavy-duty equipment for the largest government and corporate networks. we are more like cisco foor othr companies like that. i had to have some discussions with my early investors while i was not in silicon valley. i am glad we had that conversation, made the investment. we had a good run here. we just finished a quarter of $200 million, $800 million run
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rate. we hope to pass $1 billion soon and we soldier forward as we move into our new headquarters in downtown san francisco. >> we would not be here celebrating a police announcement without a building. i encourage you all to look at what 680 folsom street looks at today, juxtaposing it with these renderings. it is not only good for the economy, but for the urban landscape. i want to thank michael for his work to date for helping to transform this location. >> this is about the 20th project we have done in san francisco. it is visually challenged in its current state, but we think we have put together a great design. our partners and others have hired the best architects with som -- one of the best, sorry. we are pleased with the design.
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both jerry and his company had decided to go here, but it was also the mayor and city office hoping to keep technology companies here. it is a joint effort. after you take up the skin of the building, it has amazing attribute that you have read about in our press release. 35,000 feet square plates. floor to floor slabs in the city, which is unusual. that tenants in this building will have some amazing space, some amazing views, and our r ehab will be as good as anyone. we are happy to be involved with the city. thank you very much. >> it really did take a team of folks to bring this deal together. we had great assistance from david from lasalle in helping to
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close this deal for the city and riverbed. >> good morning, everyone. it was a real honor to represent their best technology in this transaction, a 14-month process. i want to thank and congratulate jerry and his real estate team for the pro-active way they have managed their headquarters, getting a head start. mike and his solid team of putting this building together. mayor lee and jennifer for the continued great work they are doing in helping us represent some of the leading technology companies, here in san francisco. it is a real pleasure to be here. thank you very much. >> we are going to break and then the mayor will take questions. not at the podium.
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>> he has a way about him that brings people in and seeks to involve the people of san francisco. that is what we need. the polarization and san francisco does not benefit the people we are about to help. they need compassion, support, and they need us to work together to build a system o and
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employment and drug treatment and family building and all of those services that will enable us not to pay so much money on the back end. what you are doing is spectacular. i am humbled to be with you. i am excited the mayor has me this opportunity to work with great people to do this work. believe me, the best is yet to comment. thank you so much. [applause] >> this is only his third day on the job. thank you for coming out. it is exciting to live in a cityç really believe in changig chrysostom of care with homelessness. -- changing the system of care with homelessness. we admire and respect and are so excited to have them here. it makes our day when we start
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the day with them. thank you, mayor lee. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. she wanted to introduce people who are above her. we are never above her, we are with her. [applause] anytime we can have a thousand volunteers and over 300 providers to help us withç helping others who need our help, that is what san francisco is about. yesterday, were you there at city hall? how many people were there at city hall to celebrate 50 years of tony bennett? you saw it on the news. you've heard about him being there. we gave them the proclamation, the key to the city.
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what i was thinking about all day long was how wonderful our city is. the fact that tony bennett has sung about our city, and i just kept thinking, why do we do this? why did you come out so much? you'll love this city as much as i do. çpeople of all levels, whether you are working for a great institution or you are working with a different company or you were just a volunteer and someone who cares about somebody else, you do what you can. when we can organize and city government to provide that to opportunity, and whether it is a haircut, how can we provide
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training, how can we get you some eyeglasses, how can we set you up on e-mail -- q different parts of life we live normally may not be available to everybody, but you are here to make that available. when i think about the otani bennett is singing to, i think about you. -- when i think about who tony bennett is singing to, i think about you. it is a city of people to know how to do things for other people. that is what makes me so proud to be the mayor of this city. i am willing to sacrifice everything there is to do what is good for the city. i do not care about the politics so much as i care that we can bring more people together under this big tent we call the city of san francisco. triple the effort to help so many other people change their
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lives, and if we can have a moment and their lives to suggest there is a way out, venues in which we care for them, it isç represented in the way you do things today. çthe way you talk to people. the way you communicate.ç i love these efforts come at these efforts for we can demonstrate all the humanity we have. people watch us and they think about san francisco and they think that is the place -- you can get lonely in manhattan. when you come to san francisco, it is not law only. bottom of my heart. thank you for coming out and sharing with us your skill sets as we go and do what we're
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supposed to do to solve the chronic and long-term needs. we enjoy these moments where so many of you as sure your resources, your time, your character and personality. congratulations, thank you to çthe 43rd homeless can act. thank you for being here. -- connect. thank you for being here. >> we have never given the mayor a t-shirt. i think to date is the day. [applause] they are one of us, right? [applause] i want to close today by thanking -- you see if the people up here, but there are hundreds of people getting things set up. have a wonderful day. we also have a very new committee that will be here today. çthey will be walking around to
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make sure that you, the volunteers, had everything indeed. if you need something&j, let us know. ok? have a wonderful day. [applause] >> good morning. it is february 15, 2012. this is a meeting of the abatement appeals board. i like to remind everyone to
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turn off all electronic devices. the first item on the agenda is roll call. commissioner lee: present. commissioner clinch: here. commissioner hechanova: here. commissioner mar: here. commissioner murphy: here. vice-president walker is excused. we have a quorum. the next item is election of officers, president, and vice president. commissioner lee: why don't i start by welcoming our new commissioner. i wanted to mention that she has joined us. regarding the agenda item, election of officers, i would like to propose that maybe we push this off until next meeting
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when we have a full seven members here. would that be ok? motion? commissioner murphy: i will second that. >> any public comment on the motion to continue this item? seeing none, can we had a roll call vote on the motion to continue the election of officers? commissioner lee: yes. commissioner clinch: yes. commissioner hechanova: yes. commissioner mar: yes. commissioner murphy: yes. >> the motion carried unanimously. the next item is the oath. will all parties giving testimony today please stand and give -- raise your right hand? all parties in the audience.
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yes, if you are going to give testimony. do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? thank you. remain seated. item d, approval of minutes. discussion and possible action to adopt the minutes from may 18, 2011, september 21, 2011, november 16, 2011, and january 18, 2012. commissioner lee: i know we had a big stack before us. do we want to do them individually? if not, we can do it all at once. >> i make a motion we approve. >> second. >> something to add.
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it is missing a header for general public comment. we have the commons, but so the motion could be amended to request that change that we add that heading, general public comment. commissioner lee: ok, so you want to do that at the end? >> you can do at the now. the motion just needs to be amended. commissioner lee: why don't we postpone that? ok. >> we are just saying that the motion to approve the minutes, that there is an error in the draft you have. >> mr. president, i cannot vote on this item. i was not here. >> even though you were not here, you can and should bode on the minutes. commissioner lee: why don't we just postpone approval of the minutes until the end of this meeting? >> ok, we will come back to this item. item e, continued appeals order
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of abatement, case 6752 -- 1/7 43-- 1743 12th avenue. action requested by palin -- to reverse the order of abatement. no, on november 16, 2011, aab devoted to continue the case for 90 days to allow parties additional time to consider the matter. testimony, deliberation, and possible action to of hold, modify, or reverse the order of abatement commissioner lee:. to refresh everyone's memory, on november, we -- commissioner lee: to refresh everyone's memory, we did not hear the case. i believe the appellant came forward and asked us to continue
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this matter for three months, and we granted that. at this point, i would like to ask the appellant -- do you want to hear this now? >> yes, you're sorry the attorney for the appellant, and i'm here to ask for a further continuance for three months, the reason being that the parties are in negotiations. in fact, we have gone to an arbitration, and the decision of the arbitrator will be forthcoming very soon. this will resolve the underlying issues relating to the abatement. commissioner lee: how much time? >> we have gone through the arbitration, finished the arbitration. the arbitrator has solicited statements from the party's. it is anticipated -- we are hoping this will be resolved
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earlier than three months, but we are asking for three months because, as you know, things an arbitration do not go as fast as we anticipate some times. >> is this binding arbitration? >> yes, it is. it flows from a settlement the parties had reached over year ago. that broke down, and the parties went to an arbitration before the mediator, and it was a three-day arbitration with testimony and all that, so, yes, it is binding. commissioner lee: ok, any other questions? if not, i would like to ask the department -- do you have a position on the request for another three months? >> if the affected neighbor is agreeable to that, then the
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department would be ok with it also. commissioner lee: ok, thank you. can we take public comment? do we need a motion first? >> i am the attorney for the adjacent lower lying neighbor at 1737 12th ave. we had a binding arbitration. there will be two sets of briefs. we are submitting opening briefs next week, and then we will have a closing brief responding to each other's opening brief, and it is before the arbitrator, and i think it would be economical and useful if the board would continue it for three months. i think three months is probably
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the outside, but we have been here before, and there are four sets of counsel and insurance companies, so we would join in for our public comment in the request of the continuance. commissioner lee: any other public comment? commissioners? ok, there is a motion on the floor to grant the continuance -- another continuance for three months. >> is there a second? >> second commissioner lee:. further discussion -- second. commissioner lee: further discussion? >> if there is no further discussion, we will take a roll- call vote to continue the item for three months. commissioner lee: commissioner clinch: yes -- commissioner lee: yes.
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commissioner clinch: yes. commissioner mar: yes. commissioner murphy: yes. >> the motion carried unanimously. commissioner lee: you have another three months. >> thank you very much to all. and the next, the approval of the minutes. commissioner lee: ok, we are back to the minutes. >> commissioners, if you would like additional time to review these sets of minutes, you could continue this item to a future meeting, but if you want to vote on them now, you can do so. commissioner murphy: i think it is the to commissionerme melgard. i have read them. i made the motion. commissioner lee: there is a motion to accept all the meeting
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minutes with the header. is there a second? >> the motion is by commissioner murphy to approve all four sets of minutes with the request of adding the change of header. is there a second? >> second. >> any public comment on this motion? seeing none, i will take a roll call vote. commissioner lee: yes. commissioner clinch: yes. commissioner hechanova: yes. commissioner mar: yes. commissioner murphy: yes. commission unbacer melgard: yes. >> the motion is approved unanimously. next is general public comment. is there any general public, in the audience? seeing none, item g adjournment.
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is there a motion to adjourn? >> motion to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. commissioner lee: we will adjourn and reconvene at 9:30 for the building inspection commission. >> good morning. today is wednesday, february 15, 2012. this is the regular meeting of the building inspection commission. i'd like to ask everyone to please turn off all electronic devices.
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the first item on the agenda is roll call. commissioner hechanova: here. commissioner mar: here. commissioner clinch: here. commissioner lee: here. commissioner murphy: here. commissioner melgar: here. >> commissioner walker is excused. we have a quorum. next item on the agenda is president's announcements. commissioner hechanova: good morning. those in chambers, welcome to the february meeting. we would like to also start out by giving some thank you -- tahnk -- thank-yous to staff. [reading names]
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where there has been the category of expressed appreciation from the public that you have served, to say thank you very much for the service you have rendered them in a most professional way and expeditious manner. also, from steve, the complimentary letter from bruce murphy, thanking senior plumbing inspector alex corn. for that, thank you very much for maintaining the high level of service and along with that, the continued service you will provide the city and building department. >> if anyone has their cell phone on them, if you could turn it off, not on vibrate because it will still make feedback. >> could have been made. [laughter] -- commissioner hechanova: could
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have been me. [laughter] also, i want to welcome marlin melgar -- commissioner melgar: myrna. commissioner hechanova: myrna. the group of commissioners view will be serving during your tour -- term will be well appreciated not only by this city but also by the staff. the category of serving this great city is also a great honor, so thank you very much. commissioner melgar: thank you. i'm glad to be here. commissioner hechanova: i would also like to express not only my thanks, but also from the other commissioners, and adding the thank you to chris romero who has provided his valuable time and along with that his
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expertise in some of the issues that have come before the bic. thank you very much. looking forward to seeing you here in the city and also having coffee or some other beverage of choice in the near term. would also like to express that a couple of items -- there are some hong kong building officials that are here in the city that have undertaken to know more about how the best service for electrical and mechanical systems that the city has provided -- our fair city, with the help of that, they will be arranging sometime in march a briefing


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